November 25, 2018


Advertising on CEERENT RADIO  is a unique opportunity to reach a huge global audience in a creative and compelling way. We present your business/company/music and/or brand’s message in a bigger, bolder, louder and more beautiful way than you can ever imagine.

As long as you are doing a good job and you have the urge to reach out to people, we at CEERENT RADIO offers you a full month of promotion on our platform for as affordable as N5000.

TO GET STARTED: Get your contents which needs to be advertised/publicized ready. i.e Audio/Video/Text/Images e.t.c

Proceed to the content payment/promotion submission page. ( if you would like to pay online CLICK HERE ).

For Assistance/Enquiry: (WhatsApp/Call – 07062466329 and 07086044518) or send a mail to

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